Monday, 20 December 2010

God's Strategy

I lay in bed in the early hours of this morning wondering about the life of Jesus. Apart from the part of his life (on earth that is) that we all study and a snapshot of him as a young boy we know nothing about him. During the "hidden years" (I read a book of that name once - pure conjecture, but a good read nonetheless), there is no evidence that he lived anything other than what you might call a normal life. After his ministry started the change was so drastic that his own family thought he had gone crazy, they didn't say "Oh well he has always been like this" and carry on regardless. It was a shock to them as well. So God's strategy with Jesus was 10% full on ministry 90% just a regular life doing a job, supporting the family etc well we don't know do we?

3 years as a public figure then away. We see the pattern in history; people come to the fore, get elected, reign, gain celebrity and then fade another  person rises up. What about us? Do we have a time of prominence, of anointing? Is there a period in our life when we are in some way a public figure and then we merge back in to the crowd? Is that God's way? Jesus is a special case.  How much urgency should we have?


  1. Keep up these random musings Barney - I enjoy them :o)
    Iain of the Rain

  2. I think I lost my comment - try again.
    I take it you mean the early life of Jesus - left me confused at first (I am a right critic).
    Is that God's way - yes I think so; lots of bible characters only have ten minutes of fame. God isn't bothered about use of time that way.
    Urgency? That's another subject, so do another blog, but we can't force God's pace.
    Needs a pic. Easy to do.

  3. Ever read the so-called 'Gospel of Thomas'? It has the child Jesus making clay birds come alive in his hands. Completely misses the point.

    Good post, thought-provoking.